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Azienda Agricola Anteo
LocalitÓ Chiesa
27040 Rocca de' Giorgi (PV)
tel +39.0385.99073
fax +39.0385.951814
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The Anteo winery


The Anteo winery

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We are really in love with what we do. Our father, a businessman by trade but a poet in his soul, founded the business with a few associates in 1981 , almost as a hobby, on what remained of an old farm property owned by the Church located in the village of Rocca de' Giorgi. We've been so much in love that we bought out the other partners and dived straight into the adventure of producing great sparkling and still wines in an area undoubtedly very well suited to wine production, but often forgotten by wine-lovers today.

The cellars are surrounded by beautiful countryside, steeped in history, next to a sixteenth century church, Saint Michael the Archangel, in a tiny village in the hills overlooking Montalto Castle and the medieval fortress. The road stops here, at an altitude of roughly 380 meters, and makes way for an ancient country path. With woods, thickets and vineyards as far as the eye can see, busy towns and traffic notable for their absence, we enjoy a healthy climate, clean fresh air and a breathtaking landscape.
The Anteo winery

Our winery is located here and it's named after a figure of classic mythology: Anteo the giant, son of Gaea (the Earth). Anteo fought and soundly defeated all challengers. His strength came from his mother, who filled him with vital energy at every touch. This inspired our father to name the company "Anteo". It receives its energy from its own land: 30 hectares of vineyards located in one of the top Pinot Noir growing areas of the Oltrepò Pavese region.

Antonella and Piero Cribellati
Rocca de' Giorgi: the church of Saint Michael the Archangel, the ruins of the fortress and our vineyards