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The Oltrep˛ Pavese, the most important wine-growing area in Lombardy, has a very long tradition of winemaking: in Roman times, the writer Strabone called the area "the land of the people with big barrels". The vastness and complexity of the territory mean there are many different soil types of and microclimates, at different altitudes, each particularly suitable for one variety rather than another. Pinot Noir is one of them, a noble but difficult vine that has been tried and has failed in many a vine-growing region throughout the world. Here the Pinot Noir has found an ideal habitat, so much so that the Oltrep˛ Pavese area is second only to Burgundy and Champagne for its production.
Boxes with grapes of Pinot Noir

The Anteo estate is situated east of Rocca de' Giorgi heading towards Valle Versa, in one of the most renowned areas for the growing of Pinot Noir. In the late XIX century a group of French wine experts lead a serious pedoclimatic analysis of the land to begin the growing of the Pinot Noir from French cuttings. All subsequent studies have confirmed the great potential of the Rocca de' Giorgi sub-area for the growing of a top quality Pinot Noir.

The recent "Guide to the Denominazione di Origine Pinot Nero in the Oltrepò Pavese area", published in 2008 by the Consorzio di Tutela dei Vini, has described the peculiar features of the Pinot Noir in each of the Oltrepò Pavese sub-areas in which it is grown.
Click the link below to read more info on the Pinot Noir grown in Rocca de' Giorgi (italian-only):
Denominazione d'Origine Pinot Nero Oltrep˛ Pavese: territorial unity 5
The several sub-areas where the Pinot Noir is grown in the Oltrep˛ Pavese area